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We are a leading exporter, importer and producer of prepped African vegetables in the UK. Trading under our brand name Khadie Fresh, we prepare ready-for-pot African vegetables at our location in Bermondsey to supply the UK market. From amongst four other African countries in West Africa, our main production starts in Sierra Leone, where we farm from and export some of our vegetables. With responsible logistics procedures, we deliver in a timely manner for any supermarket shelf. 



At Khadie Fresh, we pride ourselves on delivering premium quality vegetables be it fresh or frozen, that has been prepped using traditional African techniques with specialist machinery suitable for large scale production whilst maintaining quality nutrients and familiar cooking results. 



Khadie Fresh seizes the opportunity to benefit from the world’s focus on moving more towards  plant based diet. With emphasis on diversity and inclusivity more people are interested in the African diet because it is mostly plant based. 

As the only African vegetables prepping factory we always seek the latest machines to suit our needs and abide by update regulations to guarantee maximum productivity. 

With our machines, we have an enviable capacity to furnish any customer needs. 

We strive to continually uphold high standards in sustainable farming, production, packaging and delivery taking advantage of new routes for improvement and progress in African vegetables. 

We are open. 

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